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  Contact : +971 4 551 9611

All Ceramic Restorations

Our ceramic department consists of a handful of carefully selected, skilled technicians from all over the world. All of our technicians are passionate about mastering their technique through daily practice, as well as attending a variety of courses and workshops lead by world-class masters such as Gerald Ubassy, Thomas Singh, Jungo Endo, Florin Stoboran, Eduardo Mahn.

Based on diagnostic wax ups, evaluated by doctors and patients, we provide full ceramic restorations. Throughout the process, we constantly focus on the harmony between incisal edges and the smile line, axial inclinations and golden proportions with a creative touch. We follow labial contour, buccal corridor, correct gingival height and position, which are dictated from the previous design. Our daily cases include:

  • Ceramic veneers
  • Ceramic onlays
  • Ceramic inlays
  • Ceramic crowns
  • Full pressed Crowns
  • Porcelain fused to Zircon
  • Full Zolid Crowns
  • Maryland Bridges (1 tooth + 2 wings)